Our story

We started 4thFLR to
to tell unique stories.

While some focused on highlights, we found our passion by noticing the little moments, the small details that sets each of us apart. We're proud to say we don't just do videos, we uncover stories.

4 Facts About 4thFLR

We started out as a music production company.

We wanted people to hear more than just lyrics and music, we wanted them to hear purpose in what we produced.

The name "4thFLR" chose us.

We always found ourselves in some way, on the fourth floor. After hearing the elevator say "4th Floor" yet again, we knew it was meant to be.

Telling stories started with our own.

Through life's challenges, we relied on stories to uplift us and stay connected to family. Soon, we realized others had journeys worth sharing.

We're grounded in our family, our community, and our life mission.

Our mission is to help others see what they've never seen. Hear what they've never heard. We carry this mission with our clients daily.

Our Values

“It's not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.


The smallest details make the difference.

Through our elevator process, you'll notice we ask specific questions, focus on small moments, and smile at certain scenes simply because they have the "IT" factor we're looking for. This way, we create unforgettable experiences for viewers.


Everyone deserves to feel valued.

We believe firmly in valuing everyone around us–including you. Whether it's on Zoom or live on set, we aim to set a professional impression that feels like part of your team.We also ask for that same level of respect and collaboration for every member of our team.


We think different. Period.

Our mission is to help people think in a way they've never thought before. We'll stay on strategy always to meet our goal, but the path may look different for different projects. Trust our vision to execute yours. Together, we'll build something amazing.


We meet you in the middle.

We find ourselves positioned right where we want to be. We produce a major video experience without the overwhelming large agency bloat. We're equipped to handle almost any size project while still being down-to-earth enough to pick up the phone.


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